Sending a device measurement to a mobile app using Bluetooth® or Zigbee®

Scenario context: 

With the constant innovations in mobile apps and wearable devices, healthcare parameters can be easily obtained and sent to mobile or pc-based applications, using wireless technologies such as Bluetooth®, Zigbee®, Wi-Fi etc. The Continua Health Alliance has created design guidelines for the exchange of medical information on the basis of existing and accepted standards. The patient has internet access, and a blood pressure meter that can send its data using Bluetooth® or Zigbee®. 

Blood pressure meter
Mobile app
The blood pressure meter sends the measured data via Bluetooth to a nearby mobile phone, tablet or pc
The Mobile app receives the measurements, and shows them through its user interface
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Patient uses an electronic blood pressure meter to measure his/her blood pressure
  2. The information is sent to the mobile application
  3. The patient is informed that the information has been received
Possible issues: 

Data encryption may be needed to send the information over Bluetooth or Zigbee.