Cross-enterprise Medical Board Review

Scenario context: 

The participants to the Medical Board Review are located in different hospitals. Optionally, a video conferencing tool enables the participants to have live contact.

MBR Requestor
MBR Scheduler
MBR Preparer
MBR Scribe
MBR Chairperson
Request MBR (Medical Board review)
Schedule MBR
Prepare MBR
MBR meeting and reporting
Finalize MBR
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. A specialist (MBR requester) requests a medical board review for a patient to the MBR Scheduler. He/she sends the request (with the additional information to the MBR Scheduler.
  2. The MBR Scheduler checks if the patient meets the inclusion criteria of the board, and looks for a timeslot for the MBR for that patient
  3. The organiser sends the affirmation to the requester
  4. All participants can prepare for the medical board review by viewing and examining all the relevant medical information
  5. At the medical board review meeting, all participants discuss the case.
  6. A scribe writes down the recommendations of the board The medical board review report is authorised by all, and sent to the requester (and possibly to other involved healthcare professionals)
Possible issues: 

Information is stored in different ways in different systems. Agreements on using structured data exchange have to be made in order to facilitate a “cross-organisational” view on the information. For this, content profiles can be used, but different types of Medical Board Reviews require different content profiles.