List of "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" profiles eligible for referencing in public procurement

  1. IHE XCPD: Cross-Community Patient Discovery
  2. IHE XCA: Cross-Community Access
  3. IHE XCF: Cross-Community Fetch
  4. IHE XDR: Cross-Enterprise Document Reliable Interchange
  5. IHE CT: Consistent Time
  6. IHE ATNA: Audit Trail and Node Authentication
  7. IHE BPPC: Basic Patient Privacy Consents
  8. IHE XUA: Cross-Enterprise User Assertion
  9. IHE PRE: Pharmacy Prescription
  10. IHE DIS: Pharmacy Dispense
  11. IHE XPHR: Exchange of Personal Health Record Content
  12. IHE XD-MS: Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries
  13. IHE XD-SD: Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Scanned Documents
  14. IHE PIX: Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing
  15. IHE PDQ: Patient Demographics Query
  16. IHE XDS.b: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing
  17. IHE XDS-I.b: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging
  18. IHE XD-LAB: Laboratory Reports
  19. IHE XDM: Cross-Enterprise Document Media Interchange
  20. IHE SVS: Sharing Value Sets
  21. IHE SWF: Radiology Scheduled Workflow
  22. IHE SWF.b: Radiology Scheduled Workflow (version b)
  23. IHE PIR: Patient Information Reconciliation
  24. IHE PAM: Patient Administration Management
  25. IHE LTW: Laboratory Testing Workflow
  26. IHE LCSD: Laboratory Code Sets Distribution
  27. IHE LAW: Laboratory Analytical Workflow

Reference document available on EUR-Lex website.