Cross-enterprise requesting and viewing of radiology study

Scenario context: 

In this scenario, the requesting and performing of the diagnostic study is done within a healthcare institute, and the viewing of the results is done from outside the healthcare institute.

Study Requestor
Study Performer
Study Consumer
Request Diagnostic Study
Perform Diagnostic Study
Report Diagnostic Study
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. The Study Requestor request a study from the Study Performer
  2. The Study Performer stores the images
  3. The Study Performer need a template to create a study report
  4. The Study Performer requests the appropriate template in the report template manager
  5. The Study Performer stores the Study Report
  6. The Study Consumer shows the study images and report
Possible issues: 

This Use Case is described for a National/regional level. However, it could also be used as a basis for a cross-border realisation.