Cross-enterprise sharing of laboratory results

Scenario context: 

This use case describes a simple process of request and results, but not a “closed loop system”. 

Lab Results Source
Results Viewer
Request Laboratory results
Retrieve Laboratory results
Show Laboratory results
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Physician logs in and requests laboratory results of a patient
  2. Results are gathered from the different laboratory result documents that are available of the patient in the XDS registry
  3. Results are shown in a viewing format as instructed in the “View” option of the XD-LAB IHE profile. This profile collects the different result documents and shows the combined information in a format that is recognised by the requesting physician. 
Possible issues: 

This Realisation Scenario assumes the availability of laboratory results in a document-based format (usually, a CDA document). Rules for the combination of information from different documents must be agreed upon for a shared, uniform viewing format.