e-Prescription and e-Dispensing on a cross-border scale in the epSOS Project

Scenario context: 

e-Prescription has been used by the epSOS project as the overall term for supporting the processes of prescription and dispensation through the electronic exchange of supporting data for citizens who are travelling inside Europe.

Consent checker
Identity checker
Prescription provider
Prescription viewer
Dispense provider
National Contact Point (NCP)
Semantic services
Transaction Logger
(Record consent)
(Record e-Prescription, in country A)
Authenticate end-user (patient, in country B)
Authenticate end-user (pharmacist)
Receive e-Prescription
View e-Prescription
Send e-Dispense (back to country A)
Log all transactions
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. The Consent Source records the patient’s consent
  2. The ePrescription Consumer shows the epSOS ePrescription to the patient
  3. The pharmacist logs in to the ePrescription Consumer
  4. The pharmacist selects the patient in the ePrescription Consumer
  5. The pharmacist retrieves the patient’s ePrescription via the pharmacy’s computer in a secure way. The requested medication is then dispensed to the patient
  6. Information about the dispense is written and sent
Possible issues: 
  • The epSOS Use Case does not provide guidelines for the implementation of the Use Case. This may lead to different approaches in the participating countries.
  • Not all the drugs are allowed to be included in epSOS. E.g. Given that European countries have different legislation about possible replacements in drug dispensation, Andalusia didn’t allow to dispense some kind of medicines
  • In some countries, the reimbursement is also an important part of the medication system.