e-Prescription and e-Dispensing on a national/regional scale with a national medication register

Scenario context: 

There is a central (national/regional) location where the current medication is monitored and updated. 

HCP EHR System (HealthCare Provider)
Medication List Source
(HCP login)
lookup of patient
request current medication list from another system
Download medication list
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Patient visits HCP
  2. HCP EHR System selects the patient
  3. HCP EHR System requests the current medication (from the Medication List Source, which is an external system)
  4. HCP EHR System imports the list of current medications into the HCP EHR System
  5. HCP views the generated list of current medications from his / her own HCP EHR System
Possible issues: 
  • When medication information is stored centrally, where should the information about contra-indications be stored?
  • When medication is stored in federated systems, locally or interorganisationally, a standardised definition of the data elements and the data formatting of medication information is needed, as information from different sources have to be brought together.
  • Often, the alerts (interactions, contra-indications and allergies) information is not a part of the prescription system – in that case, the information will have to be distributed separately, or the software that creates the medication list will have to extract this information from other systems (such as an EHR)