Immunization use case at the local or regional scale with a national immunization register

Scenario context: 

 There is a central (national/regional) location where the immunization reporting is monitored and updated. The immunization history are also known in the patient General Practitioner’EHR 

HP EHR System (HealthCare Provider)
Immunization On-demand Document Source
Immunization Summary Content Consumer
Immunization Document repository (national (Public Health) or regional repository (HIE)
HIE clinical repository
Immunization Information Repository
Report Immunization
Update immunization
Query existing data
Retrieve on demand immunization documents
Query immunization information
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Patient visits HP
  2. HP EHR System selects the patient
  3. HP EHR System requests the current immunization and/or the immunization history
  4. HP checks the immunization serology from a lab report
  5. HP EHR System imports the list of current immunization and/or history into the HP EHR System
  6. HP views the generated list of current immunization and/or history from his / her own HP EHR System
  7. HP Updates the current immunization
  8. HP send the immunization report to the immunization registry (regional/national) 
Possible issues: 
  • Accessibility to immunization information
  • Accessibility of the lab report on serology of the patient
  • Accessibility on the immunization history of the patient (Use of immunization card)
  • De-identification of the patient when the report is uploaded to the national registry