Intra-organisational request and result workflow of laboratory tests

Scenario context: 

The hospital has deployed the IHE LTW Profile 

Order placer
Order filler
Order result tracker
HCP EHR system
Request laboratory tests
Send laboratory results (from LIS to HIS)
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Order placer requests laboratory tests through electronic testing and adds relevant medical information
  2. (Laboratory assistant takes a blood sample from the patient, and brings it to the laboratory)
  3. (Blood sample is analyzed in the Laboratory Information System
  4. Results are stored in the Laboratory Information System
  5. Results are copied to the Hospital Information System (internal link)
  6. HCP views the laboratory results in the HCP EHR system 
Content profiles: 
Possible issues: 

The difference between intra-organisational and cross-enterprise information viewing of laboratory results is becoming less obvious, as more and more laboratory results are generated outside the confines of the healthcare organisation itself. Standardised formatting of laboratory results enables vendor- and organisational-independent exchange and viewing of laboratory results coming from different sources. However, agreements around quality assurance are needed before information coming from different sources can be “mixed”.