Monitoring the radiation exposure

Scenario context: 

In this scenario, the dose information is collected when the exams in an imaging XRay modalities or equipment are performed for a specific patient. The dose information is submitted to the national register. The national institute is able to assess the population dose and dose indicators.

Conformity to European Directive Euratom 1997/43/EC.

Acquisition Modality
Image Manager/Archive
Dose Information Reporter
Dose Information Consumer
Dose Register
Request Dose information
Store Dose Information
Retrieve Dose Information
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. The Study Requestor request a study from the Study Performer
  2. The Study Performer stores the images
  3. The Study Performer stores the Study Report
  4. The Study Consumer shows the study images and report 
Possible issues: 

This Use Case is described for a National and local levels. However, it could also be used as a basis for a cross-border realisation.