Neo natal care plan management at the local/regional/national scale

Scenario context: 

There is a central (national/regional) location where the antenatal summary is monitored and updated.

The neo natal summary history are also known in the patient General Practitioner’EHR or at the midwife’EHR

HP/midwife EHR System (HealthCare Provider)
Identity checker
Authorization Checker
Semantic services
Local/regional/national Healthcare Information System
Transaction logger
Record Patient Consent
Send/retrieve antepartum summaries
send notification on document availabilities
Technical Process Flow: 

1. visit of the patient to the Healthcare professional (GP or midwife)

2. Authenticiation of the HP to his/her local system 

3. check the Patient ID and verify/create the Patient consent

4. Request Previous Antepartum summaries

5. Create the AntePartum Summary locally and/or at the regional/national system 



Possible issues: 
  • Accessibility to neo natal information
  • Accessibility of the lab report