Patient Summary sharing with “pull” of the information

Scenario context: 

In this Realisation Scenario, the Patient Summary (along with other necessary documents and/or images) is retrieved by information system B in healthcare organisation B from the information system in healthcare organisation A. This is sometimes being referred to as “pull”. In the case of an emergency intake of a patient, available information is drawn from another system. At the time of arrival of the patient in the A&E department, no information about the patient is available. 

Document Consumer
Document Registry
Document Repository
Record patient consent
Requesting Patient Summary
Retrieval of Patient Summary
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Healthcare information system A (HIS A) stores the patient consent
  2. After selection of the relevant documents by the HCP, HIS A sends the relevant documents to HIS B through a secure electronic connection
  3. HIS B receives the documents, and stores them. It shows a notification for the HCP in healthcare organisation B.