Patient Summary sharing with “push” of the information

Scenario context: 

In this Realisation Scenario, the Patient Summary (along with other necessary documents and/or images) is sent by information system A in healthcare organisation A to the information system in healthcare organisation B. This is sometimes being referred to as “push”. Usually, this will be the scenario, especially if the sender of the information knows exactly to which HCP and hospital the patient is referred. 

Document Source
Document Consumer
Record patient consent
Notification of document availability
Sending of documents
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Healthcare information system A (HIS A) stores the patient consent
  2. After selection of the relevant documents by the HCP, HIS A sends the relevant documents to HIS B through a secure electronic connection
  3. HIS B receives the documents, and stores them. It shows a notification for the HCP in healthcare organisation B.
Associated profiles and standards: 
Possible issues: 

Governance of the data definition of the national Patient Summary