Referral of patient from primary to secondary care using push technology

Scenario context: 

In this Realisation Scenario, the GP knows to which specialist he is going to refer the patient. He/she sends a request for further treatment, the reason for referral, and a patient summary to the selected specialist through a secure point to point connection 

Authorisation Manager
Primary Care EHR System (general physician)
Secondary Care EHR System (specialist)
HealthCare Provider Selector
Authorisation Manager generates Patient Consent
Primary Care EHR System generates an automated referral letter
(GP edits the letter)
Primary Care EHR System stores the edited and finalised referral letter
Primary Care EHR System selects the target specialist from a list of available HCPs
Send referral to specialist
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. (Patient visits GP. The GP decides to refer the patient to a specialist)
  2. The GP selects the patient in his / her Primary Care EHR System
  3. The GP selects the generation of a referral letter. The Primary Care EHR System automatically selects data from the system, and creates the referral letter. The referral letter is shown in an editable form, the GP can add the reason for referral, and other relevant information that is not in the automatically generated letter
  4. The GP selects a specialist from a HealthCare Provider Selector
  5. The referral letter is sent to the receiving specialist
Possible issues: 

in Poland, patients choose a particular specialist themselves due to long waiting time and the fact that GPs do not always have agreements with specialists or even up-to-date knowledge about available specialists (the National Health Fund provides such information on their website). Use Case 4b describes two Realisation Scenarios, one with a “push”, and one with a “pull”- scenario. This Use Case describes a “push” scenario, but a comparable Realisation Scenario as in Use Case 4b may be applied.