Exchange of Patient Summaries across Atlantic

Scenario context: 

More information about this Use Case, including the full description of the requirements and different versions of it, can be found in the Trillium Bridge D2.2 v1.1: Comparing Patient Summaries in the EU and US: gap analysis and pilot use case definition”. May 2014

Identity Checker
Authorisation Checker
HCP EHR System
HCPO (Health Care Provider Organization)
National Contact Point
European Contact Point
Semantic Services
Transaction Logger
Patient identification (by Identity Checker )
HCP identification (Identity Checker )
Patient consent checking (Authorisation Checker)
Understandable (structured and translated) Patient Summary
All transactions should be logged
Technical Process Flow: 
  1. Patient visits a Health Professional (HP) in Country B (not country of origin)
  2. HP has to be authenticated and authorised for this patient by his local system
  3. Patient has to be authenticated
  4. Patient consent has to be validated
  5. PS (Patient Summary) requested at NCP country A (country of origin)
  6. PS translated by semantic services
  7. PS sent to NCP country B
  8. Patient summary has to be retrieved 
Possible issues: 
  • Legal framework shall be defined
  • Mapping of the coding system, templates are the main issues: definition of a common PS is planned